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So I would make another treath about improving the forums, asking people what would make it more suitable to use, this far I like myself how you can build your profile, I would like the know badges highlights and could say chat and direct message to others would make it even better, but that’s just me… Just tell me if I’m wrong… I kinda liked shivtr guild websites I would love some modifications you can make yourselves like to your profile. But I like it this far ofc!

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And the phone app is fire! :fire:

Would be nice of you to share the link, if one don’t ever notice the hidden link :slight_smile:

3 Likes here’s mine guild site, i just like people’s who build their profiles, like in steam I seen some really good made whit just making it all the ways it ever can be made to suit yourself, maybe not this forum but some time we can build it freely something nice, everyone is unique and I respect that!

Its good that the staff finally opened forums for us to use and the activity on the forums right now is great! Also the forum app idea is amazing I downloaded it several days ago.

However, I feel the forum lacks design and organization. when I first got on the forums the layout looked very confusing and the categories didn’t show. You have to manually click on the categories button to change to the categories layout. It needs to be redesigned.

The Nostalrius forum is a very good template to follow.
Visiting the forums the very first page will the main categories and then you choose your subsections after that you see the latest topics in the subsections.
The forum needs to have a background image too.
Add number of current online users at the very bottom as well as most users online.

The poll option I difficult to find when making a post and many people missed it. make it visible.

The staff need to a have a unique color/tag to identify themselves on the forums
let developer accounts have a tag in purple, GMs with green tags under their user names, etc

Also, the official category lacks a “Development Updates” section where the devs post updates and bugfixes.

I noticed the important announcements arent posted on the official subsection as well.

A link back to mai website has to be added at the very top too.

I just recommend that the forums be redesigned to the Nostalrius forum template and add developer notes sections under the official subsection.

they can add a marketplace subsection where players can post items to sell and buy

User profiles here look interesting. It would be good if the forums accounts are integrated with the game accounts and have our main character names, levels, class and rank mentioned under our user names. The badges are nice as well I like them.

Consider making the game account the same as the forum account. When this is fixed, let the current users merge both accounts then make all other accounts created after this work for forum and ingame for all new players. No separate forum accounts have to be created after this.

I would rate the forums as of now a 3/10. Needs more work


i noticed something happened to forums 7.11 just now when you go front page, its cool but you could see some other feed on right…

also would like to still get to main feed page from somewhere…

its not new it was there from the start but staff were asked to change it to the default page. Had to be like this from the start but its a good step

now when i click everlook icon it gets me site where i can see categories and latests, it just changed for me at least, i would still like “latests” right feed to be changed to something other than “what i have searched” and before this icon of everlook got me to main feed page, i would still like to find that page somewhere! peace

it was the main page before this

ooh pressing TOP i can find that page! feels cool now :slight_smile:

Well all mighty blizzard must be right :thinking: it’s dope still and @RonaldoR9 knows i just wish we could have chat direct message here on forums, it could be much more like @RonaldoR9 is saying on his post, should listen to that guy


Direct messaging exists on the forums I just sent you a private message as a test

I still think the forums need to be redesigned and just follow the Nostalrius or Elysium template and add development notes and marketplaces under the correct categories like the other forums I mentioned and make the staff members recognisable by giving them colored tags

Ooh, just had that one from you, that’s too cool! Well you have some nice uprages to sites on your mind @RonaldoR9 i colded think of those too but I just kinda mede a thread and I’m looking forward of it! :v:

Not my ideas really. This is the standard for most forums like Nostalrius and many others.
take a took at Nostalrius’ forums. Neat and organized. easy to use. There is also a navigation pane where you can go back to the previous subsection then the subcategory after viewing a thread.

It also has a link back to main websites and its social media (which Everlook strangely still doesn’t have yet)

i think everlook look is more dope than those, just dont know the use of it most likely…

dope background image would be neat!

my advice would be some nighty starfall background image :slight_smile: <3

I was really hoping that this forum would go back to an actual forum format with pages, instead of the eternal scrolling thing.

exactly what Im suggesting

Change it to the classic standard format like the Nostalrius forums

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