Found someone selling gold coins

I saw these two messages on the public channel when I logged in to the game today. The behavior of these two people is a typical RMT. One game character(name:Pors) wanted to sell an account, and the other(name:Jinhuasky) wanted to sell gold coins. I reported it to GM, but I didn’t get a reply. Band them plz.

How do you think i should read that?

Sorry, I used the translation software translation, may have errors in grammar so that you do not understand.So I use Chinese to describe, hope you can see clearly. 我在游戏的时候看到有一个玩家(character: Pors)在频道卖帐号(也许不是他登录在游戏的这个帐号);另一个玩家(character: Jinhuasky)在出售2000金币,他说的大米就是金币,如果是在游戏内使用直接在拍卖场使用就可以了,没有必要在公共频道上叫卖,这种是RMT行为。

Thanks a lot, will take a look :slight_smile: