Fraud, purify the game environment, and ask GM for help

Dear Community Manager,Just now, I went to the mailbox to collect the mail, but didn’t pay attention to the other party’s name. I clicked the email attachment, and the gold coin was defrauded.

The fraudster’s name: letteri

Fake the auction house to send the successful auction email to the player to defraud the player of gold coins. Please GM to deal with this behavior.

Please check with the administrator and reply to the gold coin if you can. a player who sincerely loves World of Warcraft, Xmmoui.

Looking forward to receiving the reply from the administrator.

Email:[email protected]

I was also lied to me today

I don’t want money, I just hope it won’t be considered RMT

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Zilhah isn’t a GM anymore. After everyone realized he was a fraud and a liar, he left along with Wall. Both scizos living in a fantasy world.

您好 建议你直接通过游戏内send ticket方式进行举报。 另外同样的名字 另一位游戏玩家也已经举报过并得到了GM的回复 您的问题应该已经解决了

Dear leader, as a player who loves the game and abides by the rules of the game, this fraud is appreciated by the leader.

I want to know whether the gold coins I lost due to this fraud can be recovered. You know it is very important for me.

Because 210 gold coins, I need a lot of time to obtain from monsters and missions

很遗憾目前无法恢复您的金币了 我们对此感到抱歉。

目前建议您游戏里对该 名字叫做 letteri 的玩家进行举报 希望能帮到您

Thank you. At present, the name of the mail fraudster in the game has been displayed as unknown. I believe it has been handled.

是的该骗子账号已被封禁 所以我会关闭这个链接 谢谢您提供协助 很抱歉无法给与更多帮助