Free ngor or dead pvp server

Ngor was wrongfully banned today for pvping and killing npc in moonbrook. This post is a for hopes that gms will understand if this ban stands the pvp server will die. The alliance since day 2 have been camping stonetalon black tauren spawns not allowing the escort quest to be done? Why is alliance shown the favoritism, if this ban stands wpvp is dead.


Wpvp is a bannable offence?


free ngor !


Why you guys are so dumb and retarded? You have 5iq or what? Serious question. Wpvp is happening everywhere, no one got banned for that. Ngor was a coward and disgrace of horde for avoiding real pvp in contested zones where we horde needed support fighting alliance. He prefered griefing a low level gray NPC and you call it wpvp xD If he wanted wpvp he could play wpvp like everybody without camping 24/7 an npc. You guys are total idiots are you proud of your stupidity?

And these arguments " if this ban stands wpvp is dead." xDDDDDD no one gives a FK about ngor, people play vanilla and have fun playing wpvp big battles in ashenvale, hillsbrad and others zones, you trolls better move one coz wpvp is in a great shape and will be even better without this clown ngor.


restricted wpvp when u have to think about what u kill now


Ngor should never have been banned.

The dude is bringing wpvp raids into ally zones. This is emergent gameplay brought on by the playerbase. Suddenly, one quest is unavailable to the Alliance because of a wpvp effort.

What does Alliance need to do? Respond in kind. Bring their own raid and drive the horde back.

Banning anyone for any kind of wpvp that doesn’t involve exploiting is simply a bad look.


hope you get banned, fucking cringelord. Ngor is not banned.

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That’s disingenuous I doubt when you just world pvp you’ll acccidently spend multiple days camping and escourt quest NPC without realizing it

I’ve been playing for many years and saw everything. There is no doubt, that this expansion. classic expansion is all about wpvp, as it says in intro.
I take off my hat to Ngor,
cause this man not only involves mass world pvp to server, by giving the AID to both of the sides to fight for in open world
and enjoy as many players as possible from both factions,
but even how he presents our raid: as a roleplaying guild, that defends the lair dungeon.
I went from another project to this one for big movement and fun. Im sure that guys, who complain, will remember these days with Nostalgia. And now they lost the uniq offer.
Thank you for your time, Ngor.


I cannot believe Ngor is banned. I have no idea who this is, or what he has accomplished, or why he was banned nor have I ever met him or talked to him or ever had any social interaction with him but I know his ban was clearly injustified and it needs to be adressed!

Free Ngor!!


why are you so autistic tho? Huge pvp battles in literally every zone, hundreds of players having fun but you cry over some idiot who has mental problems and needs some psychiatrist coz he grief npc 24/7 and call it pvp, are you guys really that dumb?


Free him. This is worse than blizzard moderation. No one wanted a darrowshire version 2. Everlook by sticking to their decision are insulting everyone with a leniency towards roleplay pvp and roleplay pve. WPvp and opposite faction griefing are 100% roleplaying.

Never since the first time i started vanilla wow did i see it otherwise. I think how cool would it be to camp and lockdown x area to help your faction against the other faction. Whether that be 10 people raiding tarren mill, camping x choke point, camping moon brook, etc. Even esfand in his early private streamer days role played as duo-police squad riding around in rp mode. In past servers, i was even apart of double raids in a crowded ashenvale, and went on many solo adventures against alliance in wetlands and horde in their ashenvale town, and always thought how cool is it to go into opposite capital and wreck havoc there. I still haven’t even yet camped and killed a flight master yet but it’s always the goal in the back of my mind if i happen to be playing. You can do a lot of havoc in duskwood and redridge towns but forming a good team is the dream. And you just, since today, kill every end goal, even for me, by being worse than blizzard and banning npc camping.

Also killing this part the game not only kills a large part of the playerbase, but you also kill the only way for some to enjoy playing this game without non-stop ranking up and raiding, which is opposite faction obstruction and making a reputation for yourself. There’s no fun with worse than blizzard rules and a moderation team that has no place in the wow community.


He is roleplaying. No different to any other escort ambush in the game, and there are hundreds of example. You’ve lost the plot if you think everybody likes pvping at x stereotype way. He’s roleplaying like any other wpvper. If you had a group who like spending time at alliance’s stonetalon inn (which has 0 guards) and camping there to astronomic success, would you really care? No differen with moonbrook. Many people from darrowshire already thought ngor’s side is the real fun in vanilla ages ago, hence how he started the largest guild pre-release. The only moderation should be against people who are safespotting like a mage on top of redridge inn (the parkour to get up there is probably harder than getting on the very top of the stormwind fountain).


Yeah this is just embarrassing, you would have thought the team would have learned that going off the deep end with moderation was dumb, by letting radiixx be on the team.

With this and Wall banning people for weeks on discord for making fun of the server pop we really haven’t escaped Shenna tier moderation. Sad to see another Whitekidney project fall apart


Free Ngor !

Our freedoms are already being taken away in real life with all the current bullshit going on, we don’t need it happening in WoW as well. This server should represent our gamer freedom, not what someone else thinks.

A good GM is an invisible GM in regards to server growth, politics and culture.

Thank you, good day.



You don’t get the right to get someone banned because they’re better than you (yes, including forming a raid group/guild). Just because you can’t organize a raid group to gank him back, doesn’t mean you get GM privilege. Skip the quest or fight for it. This is a pvp server.

Let people play the game how they want to play.

@gm’s People are upset with your policies. Less moderation, or let your server die.

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Darrowshire speedrun. Get it together GMs, no one wants your garbage rules catering to an emotionally fragile tiny minority of the server.


Silenced for 30 minutes for making fun of Jannies in world chat, proving that moderation is insane. Good job

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kepp him ban he is cancer of this community

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How is what he did any different than someone farming mobs for 12+ hours and not allowing other players to kill them for quests?

How many times have you walked into a cave and found the entire cave is dead because 1-2 other people are killing them?

What do you do? You leave and try again later.

Still wiped out when you come back? You do something else, start another chain, go to a different zone, or you call for help. The game isn’t over when one quest isn’t completable.

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