Free ngor or dead pvp server

WoW is a game about emotions - good or bad. About anger, revengee etc - THAT’S WHY this game is still alive. So if you hate some1 go and kill him.
We have a right to kill EVERYTHING that can be killed. The creators of WoW allowed us to do it so it’s quite dumb to make some custom rules because some1 cried. Create a raid and clean the area and do your quest, protect a mob etc. But beware. These are the emotions we are all here for.
(sorry for my English)
I vote for unban Ngor


Defias Traitor is “single-point-of-failure” for quest chain that grants blue items at the end, not “lvl 15 greens” like one poster blatantly misrepresented the matter. Elaborations for both points below.

If you need to kill 10 mobs for a quest and they only spawn in one contested spot, you can still try to compete for tags, even if someone is intentionally trying to keep them all killed. There is only ever one traitor on the server, and Ngor only needed to perform a single lethal kamikaze attack. Only way to really counter this would be at multiple alliance player at or above Ngor’s level constantly helping with the escort quest. I also have to mention that based on his “crying about gettign banned” -video, he was intentionally letting the group get as close to completion as possible before killing the traitor to cause maximum amount of butthurt.

While caster’s get the short end of the stick with Staff that gives mostly spirit, the leather chest and mail pants are very powerful for their level due to having agi/stam and str/stam respectively. You could easily see lvl 40+ druid/hunter/rogue wear it. Pants can get replaced bit sooner, Scarlet Leggings from Herod are an upgrade.


not true, a normal ppl may kill NPC for 1 time, 2 times, or 5 times.
bur wont kill the NPC for 100 times and on 24x7 basicis. that is banable.


I’ve done what this guy Ngor did, many years ago in Nostalrius. Never had an issue with GMs
Seems like Everlook is PVE server. Not my taste

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How can “100 times” be worse than “5 times”? Baby talk.

How is it PVE if hundreds of players fight each other in all zones, we have huge wpvp battles and ganks. Do you see how dumb you are?

A level 60 alliance mage farming a low level area, say the harvest golems in Westfall running around constantly aoe spamming. You won’t get a tag at all. You can’t even fight back, he’s the same faction. That’s much worse but perfectly fine and wouldn’t lead to a ban.

Maybe I’m gonna take a level 60 and aoe “farm” the kobolds in the starting zone so that no one can complete the quest. That’s perfectly fine, not harassment.

? I don’t handle discord bans at all, dunno what you’re talking about.

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Whether killing an opposing faction’s Questing NPC is considered Grefing or not is debatable and I personally feel like it is not, considering it is a PvP server.

BUT regardless, this player broke the server rules, was warned and continued, so the temp ban is justified.

I believe a better approach for this person was to bring up a mature discussion to try and change the rules instead of throwing a tantrum and dividing the player base and turning them against the server admins…


Put it into perspective he is on a private server , they make the rules they provide the content at their cost all he had to do was acknowledge the rules like the GM said like an adult and all was cool.

I got told off for talking about sex in g chat , do I agree with it no but its their rules im an adult move on or quit those are the options get over it already


Well done for the ban of the idiot ngor
Making the gameplay shit for so many players for so long shows a retard and a trouble person.
If alliance doing the same ban them also. You can’t fuck the gameplay of other players.
Server will die if we let idiots like ngor to continue playing…

Btw, I play horde characters (I hope there will be no long ques to make me change …)

This is an idiotic decision by the people behind the ban to Ngor, it’s World of Warcraft, “Warcraft” but i guess that many have lost the plot as to what that means.

There is one individual on this thread addressing others as “dumb” “retarded” i don’t see him being dealt with…but whatever.

Some are saying that what Ngor was doing was considered griefing? Are you serious? To those that support this stuff or that say that this is griefing, please take a look at the official World of Warcraft Strategy guide.

I am not sure how that is helping your argument, but the strategy guide is saying the following things regarding the topic griefing/ganking:

Killing someone quickly because they are taken by complete surprise, AFK, or considerably lower level.

The act of disrupting someone else’s enjoyment of the game by using dishonorable tactics such as: leap frogging, corpse camping, bind camping, ganking, or kill stealing.

Someone that purposely attempts to ruin the enjoyment of the game for others often by using exploits. (See Grief)

Ganking is the process of going after characters of much lower level. If ganking doesn’t do anything for you and it makes other people’s live difficult, is it wrong? No. Some people on both sides of the war see ganking as a practice of griefers. However, this is not an act of griefing because it is a game dynamic that is mutually agreed upon by the parties involved (the targeted players chose to come to a server where non-instanced PvP is reality). This, they knew this risks and consented to the attack simply by joining the server.

That said in defense of gankers, it still is not an act that will earn you respect from the majority of players unless you accomplish your attacks in novel and exciting ways. Using stealth or invisibility to get into contested areas where relatively low-level enemies are questing and going after solo targets is fairly simple. Charging in with raiding parties, fighting out in the open, going after large groups, etc. is the way to have more fun and truly challenge yourself.

Play as you wish. Those who want to avoid this style of gaming are absolutely free to join the servers where Faction-based combat is restricted to instances and opt-in combat (e.g. defending city NPCs that are being attacked).

I think we can agree that killing a quest NPC over and over for multiple hours is ruining the enjoyment for some other players. Right? This means according to the guide the term grief oder griefer is not wrong.

You can use the guide as a nice reference and something to make your argument stronger towards the people you like to convince. However, this is a private server and therefore the last instance of rules are the terms of use:

This is what you have to refer to…


I’m no trying to convince anyone, we can have our own opinions, others can accept them or not as well as i can accept or not accept other people’s opinions but i respect them, unlike some on the discord that prefer just to ban whoever they don’t like just because we don’t share the same opinions or mindsets.

So “we” are playing (i said we but i’m not playing there) on the Everlook server, a server that came to be with the moto of bringing the real vanilla experience to people BUT we have to follow the servers terms of use, that in some way diverge from the original experience? So much for that authenticity i guess…i really have nothing against the server i do hope it thrives but some people need to remember that the game is World of Warcraft…“Warcraft”.

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There are usually 2.5-3.5K players online. So you want to permit 10 idiots from both sides to destroy the gameplay of thousands. If they permit it many will abandon the server. There are many alternatives at the moment. If they let 10 troubled players to destroy my gameplay I will leave and never look back. And I am sure I am not the only one feeling like this.


“destroy the gameplay of thousands” ? Why is NPC killable then? Should members of the opposing faction that want to PvP just sit around and wait for people to be done with their quests?
I thought this was Warcraft - on a PvP server - and not Farmville, but i guess i was wrong.

And such is the fate of known griefers when they get bored of no attention and try to play the game , they get caught and slapped by players of equal level. Old redridge boss not in his natural habitat surrounded by greys and now finds himself running from predators of equal power


It looks like they stopped banning for traitor. At least for now. Ngor Won!

Personally I would have permabanned him simply for the racist name.


Responding to couple points raised in this thread:

“What if I kill all the Harvest Golems?” Good luck locking down three farm fields, each on different area of the zone with 10 or so spawns. With one character. I will write a third post explaining what a “single-point-of-failure” is in excruciating detail if people insist.

“The targeted players chose to come to a server where non-instanced PvP is reality.” Everlook has no PvE server option. Actually this point doesn’t apply at all, because you could kill the Traitor on PvE server as well! And if I remember correctly and PvE servers only have the capital cities as non-neutral territory, Ngor would even have the advantage of nobody being able to pre-emptively kill him until he flags himself by one-shotting the traitor.