Game freezes all of a sudden

hey there. so i played yday and this morning w/o any issues, but when i logged in this afternoon i started to get these freezes out of nowhere… its like the game freezes for 1-2 secs then its all good again and its happening at random… mby some1 dan tell me whats going on? just finished a RFC and experienced no freezes in there, only in open world it seems… anyways, ty

First thing to check is Add-Ons. Does this happen also if you have all your Add-Ons disabled? Additionally, you can check how much memory you have set up for your Add-Ons. You will find that option on the top right of the Add-Ons window. You could try a higher value like 512 mb, or you can also set it to 0 mb, which means no limit.

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