GM helps to verify

Dear GM,

My character name is Yumen.
When receiving the mail today at about 4:00 pm Beijing Time, I get fraud by someone who pretend to be the mail from Auction house. A player named Theletter send the fraud mail with cod and tricked me for like 59G. Please verify that I don’t have any RMT transaction with him. I don’t care about the gold loss. Please ban this scammer account.


He lied to me 59G

Please raise a in-game ticket to GM.
This forum may not be a good place for reaching GM(it takes time even eventually it worked)

Thank you for your suggestion

您好 您的问题已经得到了处理 该骗子已被封禁 谢谢您的协助 我会关闭这个帖子 万分感谢。