GM's protecting homophobes & Rude players i get banned

As i’ve already cleared all the content several times in vanilla wow so on everlook i was only gona do world pvp on a horde rogue & alliance rogue as max lvl.59 for the challenge to beat 60s, as private server owners are wierd people i wouldn’t lose anything of value either if or should i say “when” they do wierd stuff as they usually do and i’ve seen reviews of the server was probably gona happend anyway.

When i leveled up i saw countless of multiboxers boosting themselves, countless of leveling bots.

My alliance character Gigachaduwu with pink hair for causing maximum triggering when ganking low levels so they would bring their 60’s i had a party for maraudon when i leveled up and and we met another party who also needed the elite prophet centaur who dropped the quest item for phariah.

I Whispered this player Nightoffire to leave their group so i could invite to a raid so we all would get the quest item, his first response was in the line of “Gigachaduwu haha what a faggot of a name” i was like what? he keep going on being rude for no reason and the other party members didn’t wanna make 1 group either.

A warlock’s pet in my party tag the mob while we kill it the other party cry for an invite which they don’t get ofcourse, we then continue in to maraudon and i multibox my rogue to go and gank them which i did.

Then i would camp this homophobe Nightoffire when he was online with my horde rogue Goblets, he would multibox aswell and see where i was and mostly flying around flightpaths while constantly making new characters to /w insults to me on.

I was in stv with my alliance rogue one day and a player named Barathir whispered me when he ran past with his multibox account on follow, he started to insult out of nowhere and i thought to myself, wow this is the angriest incel i’ve ever seen and was gona check for how long he would keep writing to me with his insults.

He wrote for around 1 hour 20min something untill i found him on my horde rogue and started to camp him and his multibox account.

Yesterday a GM named Zandy whispered me on his high horse due these players had reported me, he said multibox is not allowed and i would get a warning, i said he should ban me instead of giving me a warning so he can feel good about himself for protecting these people.

He did not have the permission to ban players so another GM which name i could care less about and don’t remember joined in on the /w who repeated what zandy said, i told this GM aswell that if they gona protect players like this who also multibox but cry to GM’s when they get consequences for their homophobic & rude behavior i don’t wanna play here anymore so please just ban me.

That second GM was very rude i might add and kept going for a long time talking, very full of himself, like he’s some kind of batman lol, instead of .setmaxspeed and fly around in the world where they would find countless multiboxers & leveling bots they instead are puppets to hypocrites who multibox and report other players for multiboxing if they are getting camped.

They probably gona remove this post as they are also hypocrites, but there is enough videos and posts about this server that it won’t matter.

those are alot of words to say ‘‘i got caught multiboxing and im angry about it’’. also seems more likely youre a toxic multiboxer than EVERYONE is against you and is ‘‘homophobe’’ or whatever. dont cry about this. just move on.


this topic wont be removed becouse no one takes people like you seriously

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“When i leveled up i saw countless of multiboxers boosting themselves, countless of leveling bots.”

you still kept playing? totally your fault

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This is funniest and cringiest shitpost that I have seen here yet. You just an apogee of whining Karen. Why are you even playing there? This game was made for completely other people. I fully agree with the GM’s decision and wish it stays the same :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

Stop crying gay Faggot

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You: T-that’s homophobic!
GMs: Yes!