Hard core mode cannot claim rewards at level 60 again

Hello GM, my second hardcore mode character has reached level 60. Like the first character, there was an issue of not being able to claim rewards. My character ID is Galeyouga, please help me choose a Velociraptor mount as a reward. Looking forward to your reply, thank you

Greetings. The HC reward has been sent to you by mail.

thank you

Thank you very much, the reward has been received. But there is another issue, the mount speed shows 100%, but the actual running speed is 60%. How should I solve this problem? My client version is 1.14.2

Have you compared your speed with other players who have 100% speed mount? Is it actually 60% speed?

Yes, I rode with my friend, and his speed was noticeably much faster than mine. My mount is confirmed to have a speed of only 60%. My first HC character chose a tiger mount, and without learning 150 cavalry skills, the riding speed could reach 100%. However, the Velociraptor chosen for this character actually only has 60% speed.

I have received a new reward mount sent by email. Then I deleted the WDB folder and retested the speed, which was still only 60%. Can GM provide me with a download link for the client recommended by Everbook. I will try using a different client.

Here is the download link of our launcher:
If the issue still exists, I suggest you to make a ticket in our discord.