He killed NPC and player

He killed NPC and player
this guy is now a mage, named Biedawo, he has been disrupting the game for hundreds of people, today alone i sat there for over 3 hours with over 40 people passing and going trying to complete the Wanted! quest and he was still there after our group left… hes been there before us and stayed there after we left, thats a min of 4 hours in a single morning spent ruining the game for dozens and dozens of people, HOW COME HE IS STILL NOT BANNED?

welcome to pvp server

i like the guy who is disrupting hihii

What’s the difference between preventing low level players from leveling up and beating a kid in real life? Why don’t pvp find players of similar rank

ma’am this is a Wendy’s

This is PPPVP or Overlevel PVP server

At you leveling up to 60 , you should killed back

There’s no honor in that

welcome to wow.

this is OG van bro not shadowlands what she did never happened