HELP cannot login the game wrong password

I can login the forum with username tfxy and the right passwords。
but i cannot login the game。
i used play in elusium sever。
i changed the set realmlist
deleted the WTF and WDB 。
sever said wrong passwords or wrong username. why?

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tell me your password I’ll try)

password and username data are stored on everlook database I believe try to login on the everlook website here you can also request a password reset (forum is a whole different account than your game account)

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Like @W1NT3R mentioned, the account made on the forum is completely independent. It is only for posting on the forum and has nothing to do with in game accounts or characters. If you want to play and connect to the server, you have to create an account on the website:

Here you find a good step by step description of what you need to do in order to start playing:

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I suggested this a long time ago, to have the forum account the same as the game accounr. I dont know why they didnt choose to implement it this way. Just makes it confusing for some players

It was a decision made on security and resource reason.