Help Everlook gathering "Humanoid run away" Data

Hello Everlook Community,

As a Warrior Player i’d run into some Humanoids on the PTR that wont run away and fight till they die but normaly they “run away in fear” on low HP. So i decided to look into this because as a Melee Player you have enough down time between fights and you want that little quality of life.

Humanoids usually run away when at low health.

But there are some exceptions:

Ogre - call for help or enrage
Yetis - call for help or enrage
Moonkins - call for help or enrage
Most of the named NPC’s
Most of the Elites

Wall said he wants the valid sniffs of Classic Data so here we go: (work in progress)

At the moment i add Zones and Humanoid NPC’s with Youtube timestamps where we can see “Humanoid X attempts to run away in fear”. Please help me to collect Data for a nice leveling/grind experience.

You can PM me on the Discord Minime#7750 or just post it down below in the Comments and i add it.