HELP - How to run WoW Everlook on mac OS Big sur 11.2.2

Hi guys,

I really want to join you for launch but i cant run wow on my mac book.

I tried Download Wineskin.Winery as show below but it doesnt work.

Any alternative or feedback from someone running wow on mac ?

Thanks !
See you in game

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You can run 1.12.1 on Macbooks (M1/M2 Chip) by running Windows through Parallels. Unfortunately you may have to pay for their subscription after the trial runs out.

Download from:

or visit:

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I booted up my old laptop, and updated it. I downloaded winery 1.7 and i have no issue running warcraft on it. Could you elaborate a little bit on what exactly doesnt work and where youre running into issues?
You could also download a mac-version for the 1.12 client: …

(It is a megaUpload one, so 10 mb before its finished itll make you wait 6 hours before resuming the download, but i can confirm this worked for ND, so it should work for Everlook as well.)

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i can give a link to mac client form mediafire, but i obv can not post it on forums so feel freeto hit me up on dm or in discord

The problem is that client for mac is WoW 32 bit only.

But it doesnt work with new Apple chips (M1) because its only support 64 bit app.

So only possible way is to simulate windows to play ;(