Help! I accidentally deleted my character, no reply to ingame ticket, please help!

Hello Staff Member, please help me restore my accidentally deleted character.
Account: sarumenas92
Character Name: Sarumenas
Level: 60
Race: Human
Class: Rogue

Please restore if possible!

usually this will take a long time to get feedback since only very few high rank GM has authority to deal with your issue. My suggestion is to wait a little bit longer.

Thank you for the reply, the problem is, on the homepage it says, the longer you wait, the more unlikely is the possibility of a fully restoration with all items, and a friend of mine is currently waiting for his ingame ticket to be worked on for nearly 2 weeks now, he does have a different issue than me but still, it scares me a bit. I will try to be patient and hope to get some progress in this case soon.

Ok then, I will redirect this to some high rank GM to see if he can take time to do something.

Thank you so much!

Hi sir, they are busy right now maybe you will need to wait for a long time