Help, shadow muted!

I whispered quite few priests from /who , while trying to fill a stockades group few days ago. Only “LF2M Stockades”, got automatically
shadowmuted understandably. Didn’t mean this maliciously as you can see from my in game messages.

How long is this mute or is there a way to get it revoked? Understandably an automatic mute is needed with the amount of players and accounts being free. Just would like to communicate with people in open world.

Acc name: Esailu Char name: Esailu

Hi Esailu!

i got the same problem, i can´t tell how long the shadowmute is, but try to write a Admin on Everlook Discord. He solved my problem, never write so many ppl with /who again.

Yeah made ingame ticket and got unmuted, thanks!

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