Help us!!!

Dear Game Manager, I am an alliance player name jimge。First of all, thank you very much to everlook for providing us with games like World of Warcraft, we are all a group of players who love this game very much. For some reason, China has lost our own World of Warcraft earlier, which is very heart-wrenching for us, all the group of players love it,but we losed it. Some of our players, including me, have been supporting the game for more than 10 years, and we want to find it back, so we chose Everlook, and we’re grateful.Our game guild name is shifeiti. At 0:11 a.m. Beijing time on October 21, 2023, our team members and I were playing the BWL (ID649), and when we killed the fifth boss Ebonroc for equipment allocation, we assigned a warlock player name“Phoenixforce ”the “Band of Forced Concentration”*1, and while the next step, the game suddenly rolled back without any warning and we all dropped out!When we log back in, our Phoenixforce discovers that the Band of Forced Concentration he just got is missing and the boss also disappear!!! This confused us so much that we wanted to contact you to help us retrieve his “Band of Forced Concentration”*1, and we would like to thank the official for help. All our team members can attest to this,It is not our players’ fault right?Because the server was running steadily last night until the rollback, I didn’t record the video, I didn’t record a video.And we members can testify together if needed. We are all a group of players who love World of Warcraft very much, and we hope that the official will help us. Thank you again to everlook for providing us with such a wonderful game, very grateful. The above is our appeal, we will wait for the official reply and help, may the Light bless!