Hi Please ban this guy chat

Dear Gm

Good evening.
I would like to report a Toxic player called Ckman from horde. Please ban his chat.

I played Alterac Valley a lot these days. I found there is a guy always talk shit in every game. Today he talked shit for around 20 minutes from the start and abuse everyone who are pushing and trying to win. He didn’t want to win at all, the only he desired is to get the mission item from alliance dead body for level up.

Please ban this guy’s chat. The dirty words from him is so annoying and destroy the good game environment.

Here is pictures i attached below.

I will try translate all of the chats. it will take a long time.

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Thank you so much ~~~~~~~~

推荐你还是拉黑 该玩家 比较好,原来战场脑瘫玩意哪个阵营都不缺 :rofl:

呢可不 拉黑一定的 总不能让这货 一直bb 不被惩罚吧 对吧哈哈哈

总得有人站出来举报 不然更多人被他烦到

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