Hit, weapon skill etc

do we know the formulas used on Everlook? Weapon skill was either 310 or 315+ depending on the pserver, is it 305/308 here? How much hit to cap yellow attacks?

also, is the warrior heroic strike bug from classic reproduced here?

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I believe they’ll be using the classic formulas where with 305+ weapon skill you would only need 6% hit to reach hit cap for yellow attacks.

I know there was something funky going on with the formulas on LH Northdale where you’d still want 9% hit even with 305+ weapon skill but that shouldn’t be the case on Everlook from what I’ve heard.

Free yourself from the devilsaur tyranny! :lizard:

As for the heroic strike bug are you talking about heroic strike queueing to improve OH attacks or is this something else?

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ty info! And yea, that was the warrior bug I meant. Hope to not see it here, but obv that’s up to the folks running the server, can see an argument either way.

Classic formulas would also mean a breakpoint where 305 wep skill is much better than 304, and then a cap at 308. In terms of glancing blows. (I’m sure you know that, just giving people a chance to correct me if that’s not how it’s working here.) Good to hear they’re being used, to me it’s pretty much the only real vanilla info we got from classic besides some raid scripting stuff but I wasn’t sure it’d be implemented.

I actually sort of like the devilsaur mafia, feel like it provides content and makes the gameworld more interesting in some ways. Don’t like the same-faction sheep, but can’t blame them if the server ruleset allows it.

Haha just saying that devilsaur isn’t as mandatory with 6% hit cap.

Yes heroic strike queueing is a thing on this server from what I’ve heard. I’m personally not a fan of it myself but that’s a pretty small issue for me.