Honor system questions and a suggestion

Are there any changes being made to the ranking system?

Are brackets slots established the same way?

Has removal of honor decay been considered? Would really increase longevity of the population. I know the idea of rank 15 was thrown around could just as easily make it so u are only counted in the rank 14 bracket if u arent rank 14.

Whats the harm in letting people take a break from ranking to avoid burnout?

@ 22:00 mark

Yeah that clip is where i heard him address rank 15.

It was more of a request to please intervene. Without intervention just lead to people paying bot farmers to bracket boost and spending countless hours doing pool party. Neither really has a classic feel.

You mean vanilla feel, right?

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Correct thanks

I ment vanilla feel

Boosting brackets is very much a classic feel thing not vanilla

yeah the old boosting mafia tried to stop me , gave them big middle finger got warlord , silly online threats.
Solo levelled it without help.
Wont do it again , cant with my life now have to pretty much be unworking I was lucky because it was lockdown

Yeah, ive tried it a few times always get burnt out from the drama and bs around rank 12

I know it can be done just wish they would give an alternative to having to be a degen.