How much easier is it to gear out a hunter than other DPS classes?

Thinking about rolling a hunter, mainly because I will not have as much time to play as I would want, and I wanna level and gear out my character as fast as I can. So I thought about rolling a hunter for these reasons.
Does a hunter have it much easier gearing wise?

(If I’d have more time I would roll a shadow priest or a warlock)

The main issue with Hunter isn’t the difficult in gearing them it’s the fact that even after they’re geared they do pretty sub-par raid DPS. Other than that you still have to compete with other physical DPS for things like truesrike shoulders and stuff so I wouldn’t even say they have a much easier time getting prebis outside of farming for BoE pieces.

Not to say they’re useless in raids or anything but they’re more of a utility class in that environment dishing out tranqs, frost traps, doing tricky pulls, and comedic relief when their pet wipes the raid.

However, they’re great in dungeons assuming they know how to play, undisputed masters of leveling, a close second to mage at farming, pretty godly in PvP, and downright fun to play though! :bow_and_arrow:


I should have specified, I do not really care about raid DPS. I am only concerned about PVP performance.

Oh yeah I’m that case just pvp and the rank gear is going to be most of what you need :v:

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So how much easier and faster would it be to gear up a hunter than let’s say warlock?

Warlock is gonna be easier for pre bis and TONS easier for stuff like tier raid gear.

There’s often a deluge of physical DPS between fury warriors, rogues, hunters, and even feral druids. They often compete with each other for certain core pieces they all covet.

The only real competition warlocks have for gear is with mages. On the whole there are typically fewer mages than the sum of other physical DPS classes.

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I do not think that is necessarily true. Hunters do not really have to compete for tier gear or for the leaf for example because simply there won’t be many hunters in a raid group.

He meant you compete for many BiS pieces (which is often times not tier gear) with Rogues and Warriors, which there are a lot of.

Edit: and they probably have priority over you as well.
But I see you only care about PvP in which case don’t worry, Hunter is great. Just make sure you keep a steady flow of gold coming in because you need to buy arrows and pet food all the time.