I hope the penalty for my account will be changed 希望能改变对账号的决定

(English and Chinese)

Dear GM,

I was sorry and surprised to receive the message that my account (Character Name : Moonauakes ) had been permanently banned and I immediately learned the reason for the account being banned from the official website.While I applaud the excellent management of the Game Team, I have to defend myself a bit out of my right as a player.

After learning the reason for my account being banned, I carefully recalled my recent behaviour in the game.I think my account may have been banned because of two mailings.My friend’s account character needs some help enchanting his weapons and equipment, and I am an enchanter.We were both noobs to this game and didn’t know the proper way to enchant in this game, so he mailed me the gold to buy enchanting materials to help him enchant his equipment.It is possible that this mailing resulted in the account being banned.I promise there is absolutely no real money trade going on here, just a misunderstanding of the gameplay by two game noobs.

So I would like to be given the opportunity to continue using the account, but I am definitely not seeking to remove the full penalty.I would like the permanent ban penalty to be replaced with a short term temporary ban or forfeiture of some of the character’s wealth.I will learn from this incident and be more careful in reading and understanding the rules of the game.

I hope the GM will see my sincerity and forgive me, a noob to the game, for misunderstanding the gameplay for once.

With the warmest greetings


我很遗憾并且很惊讶收到关于账号(角色名: Moonauakes)被永久封禁的消息,并且第一时间从官方网站获得了账号被封禁的原因。虽然我对于游戏运营团队的出色工作能力大加赞赏,但是出于作为一个玩家的权力,我还是要为自己进行一番辩解。





A Noob doesn’t play on private server.