I think my guild was wrongfully disbanded

Earlier tonight, Adumbro entered our guild chat and said he/she would be disbanding it, as it violated naming conventions.

I read the rules very carefully to make sure this wouldn’t be an issue, and I know for a fact multiple GMs have seen our tag ( ) and have had no issue with it. Some of our members have interacted with GMs previously with no mention of our name being an issue. We were a pvp guild until we were, I believe, persecuted by someone abusing their power because they didn’t like the name. Furthermore, Adumbro wouldn’t even allot me the time to make a list of members names so that we could reform under a new name. I feel like this issue was handled unfairly and without any sort of reason.

Could I please get some official arbitration on this issue before remaking the guild?

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Apparently nothing in brackets will show in the post. Our guild was Right Wing Death Squad.

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a leftie killed your guild


In the typical but still ironic twist, the left has employed fascist tactics