I think the stress test was a huge success!

I was there yesterday when the stress test happened and the number of people I saw was honestly jawdropping.

What do you guys think what was the number of players on the server at once?

And what was the number of characters created at name reservation?


I heard a few people talking around 2k+ at the test alone… which is a lot, imo.

Think I saw on Disc there were already 4k+ name reservations, perhaps an Admin can give you official stats!



There was definitely more than 2k

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Before shutting down the stress test they shared in an in-game system message that the number of concurrent players peaked at ~1.8k players.


Was really fun for sure :smiley:
Now onto the launch :sunglasses:


This sums it up well.
I was there and saw a peak of 1.8k people on the stress test.
I personally expect about 3.5k people at launch, maybe even peaking beyond 4k if we’re lucky! And fyi, that is complete madness at the starting zones lol. Good times ahead my friends.


I was worried at the beginning when nothing seemed to render, then only nameplates, but after I turned them off it quickly stabilized.

Already had one memorable moment was when I saw people run off a cliff and thought it was the right way. Had to create new character.

Remember this was the “every player in one zone” -test, so if 10k players split themselves evenly between 6 starting zones, server should handle it as long as there aren’t any “server cap” -problems.

1.7k online for the stress tests seems very low for a large project like everlook with what appears to be many thousands of players waiting to play. Elysium may have had 9k players or more on its third stress test.

I expect everlook’s population will be just x2 the stress test numbers max. Nothing big

We will see, maybe the number will grow roughly five hours after launch when the chinese players start chiming in.

If there are 4k people on everlook consantly I will be happy

Keep in mind that the stress test and name res was conducted in the middle of the day during the workday of the US folks.

Then when I finally had a moment to res a name this AM before heading to work, everything was down for maintenance. Does not bode well for me.

almost close to my estimation. beaten by a thousand extra.

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