I want to play WOW with my son

I want to play WOW with my son, Now I have two computers on hand。 But I only have one Internet IP, If I was playing with my son, Will I be suspended from my game account ?


Get a VPN on 2nd PC

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There is no need for VPN. You can have parallel connections to the server with the same IP. What we don’t want to see is multiboxing. This will lead to a permanent ban.



Im tagging on to this thread with a question of my own: We will have an oldskool LAN-party with a bunch of nerds in the same room. We will share the same connection, but it will be very obvious we are not multiboxing. Can you alleviate some stress in my friends that are worried they will get banned?


As long you don’t multibox you or your friends have nothing to fear.


I got it,I love WOW , I don’t destroy the environment in the game

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I’m, curious, how do you tell the difference between

A) Two people on two separate computers, but sharing an internet connection.

B) One person with two separate computers with same IP and remote control of the other

The way they do it on Everquest servers that ban multiboxing is they basically have GM and the suspected characters play a version of “Simon says” where characters have to perform different actions as told by the GM. These are meant to be easy if every character is controlled by an individual player, but basically impossible if one guy is multiboxing them all.

Not saying the above method doesn’t work, in fact it’s probably the best course of action. However, I’m worried how it will scale with 10k people. I predict lot of doofuses swearing that they’re actually two people when caught. Proving them wrong could waste a lot of GM time.

Just wanna say that I love this. How do I get an invite and become an ultra nerd?

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Yeah, I am curious 2. I am playing with my wife and my son. My son is only 4, so he is often on follow. Usually he stop the follow when he see loot and chest, then he literally stop fighting to get the shiny treasure like he said. All our computer are beside each other, but if a gm was talking to him he will not answer because he don’t know how to read. I m sure he will get better with time, (he improve on the ptr) but for now he have his /follow /assist macro to save a LOT of time. But he will only play 2 hour a day on the week end, and if people attack us, they will see him a the weak link…. I plan to stay in the starting zone, and probably skip redridge for loch Mordan instead. Really excited to play here, but having him ban will make me stop playing right away. I saw multi boxing , totally hate it, but i hope people can see the difference between someone on follow and multi boxing

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ha sounds cool thats old school ! a long time ago I used to work as police I had to attend a huge lan party event , lots of wow players started fighting over something silly in game was amusing

It would take a couple minutes tops to simply watch how the toons act. If one is perpetually standing idle or on follow while the other does all of the work, boot the fool.

Scaling is easily dealt with by ruling with an iron fist, publicly, so that word of mouth gives bad actors pause.

one character in any non-hostile city with an Auction House,another do quest or dungeon,allowed?

In what scenario would you desire to do this?

It’s of no other use. It’s just that when one character is doing tasks in the field, the other can scan the auction house price data in the city at the same time, mainly to save a little time. After all, it takes half an hour to scan. Besides, can also send and receive some emails. Practice the professional skills of the corresponding roles

Then the answer is a firm no.