I want to report in-game RMTS

I want to report in-game RMTS.
Name Ganshui
Act to buy gold coins through auction houses
This is typical RMT behavior, request verification and block processing to clean up the game environment

Can you provide any solid evidence for that? like in-game screenshot?

No, I don’t have a screenshot, but I can confirm that he bought gold, because he spread the news to a lot of people via chat and claimed that it didn’t affect his account security at all, which I don’t think should have happened, and I think he would have been sanctioned if it had happened

We won’t take any actions unless you can provide any sort of evidence. We can’t just ban players when someone else said he is a RMT traders. If similar things happen again, please take time to get a screenshot. I am afraid there is nothing we can do for this issue.

I think you have all the means to deal with this, otherwise reporting will become inefficient.