I'd like to report gamer "Neila" Ninja looting

Dear Admin of Everlook WOW:
Good day!

I’d like to report gamer “Neila” Ninja looitng twice At Zul’Gurub ID-91455.
One dropped when we finished High Priest Thekal: Primal Hakkari Aegis, which the headmaster assigned directly to his bag without releasing it on the public screen, a first Ninja loot.
Later, while finish Bloodlord Mandokir, a Zanzil’s Seal was dropped.
I rolled 88 points which was the highest, but the leader “Neila” assigned the Zanzil’s Seal to his Warlock friend.

When I questioned this, he said, "Either you come back to ZG with me next time, or you go to Orgrimmar and expose my crimes, as you wish, and kicked me out of the group.

I would like to ask if Neila’s behaviour is against the ethics of the game?
Will he be punished?

Best wishes,