Impossible to move Unit Frame

Hi everyone, new player here.

My problem is I cant move my or other NPC/Player Unit Frame. I want it in the middle of the screen and not in the top left corner but I cannot right click my own character unit frame to unlock it, and the option is not available on others NPC/Players UF. It is not an addon problem cause I tried with or without addons.

Has anyone had the same problem ?

Account name : Yor

Thanks in advance

I found a solution through an addon. I still cannot right click my own Unit frame though.

Which client are you using?

I dl one from Nostalrius

Okay. Then everything is working as intended. There’s no right click to unlock unit frames in 1.12. That was implemented much later.

Oh ok I didnt know, thanks for you answer. But is it normal that I cannot do any action on my own portrait ? I mean literally nothing happens when I right click it.

You should only be able to right click your own portrait when you’re in a group as far as I know.