In game Chat WTF?

Hey guys

I’m a begginer here . I started playing on this server today. So far it looks okay.I think i will invest time here in order to reach endgame etc.etc.etc


What the fuck is wrong with all these people ingame chat???
They keep talking about fucking religions (christians , allah etc.) and fucking politics (russia , china , USA or what ever )


this is just a fucking game and i don’t wanna see any of this shit in the games chat besides everything that’s related to the game such as quests/items/ LFG / Guild recruiting!!

GM/Devs should not allow this shit to happen and all these people should get banned PERMA … or atleast chat ban for hours ++++++++

Nobody cares for you opinion about politics or your beliefs. Keep it to you’re self or find some kind of forum on the internet about these topics and go talk about it there.


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Unless their comments are being racist, or violation other parts of the ToS section B, I feel like your only play here is to either leave the channel they are using, or just /ignore people that annoy you.

There is nothing wrong with them, it’s you that’s it’s something wrong with, i dislike people who want to censor what they dont agree with, you are clearly too sensitive to be on the internet.

There is solutions tough, you can ignore players texts that offend you so much.
You can move your mouse cursor to the top left of the chat box right click and leave channels or write /leave “channel name” that you are too sensitive to be in.
You can also wait till you’re around 25 years old, science says you are most likely mentally developed around that age.