Input latency/MS ping

So I’m playing from Canada and I’m getting about 93-100 ms on average. I don’t think this is all that high and should be perfectly playable, but sometimes when playing this 93ms feels like 200. I can physically feel and see the delay between my actions and my spells and inventory interactions. I’m not sure if this is an issue on my end or if this is just what 93 ping feels like… any ideas or suggestions?

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you are playing at server prime time where it get +5k player and it lags, nothing you can do, its really bad


it was 9000 online last day. lag like hell. but never matter, the horde rogue even cant reach me。 lol

I’ve found this lag to be the case at all times though, I think it might just be the server for me because of where I’m located. I’ve seen EU youtubers playing without any of the lag I’m experiencing at all.