Is anything being done with the mass botters on this server?

On my journey from level 1 to now level 40, I have notice a vast amount of bots. I’ve come across players that move in a strange pattern, use the same skills, are mostly hunters and warlocks, don’t respond to whispers, die repeatedly in same areas, and see them grind non-stop in said areas, or they would be online 24+ hrs in the same location. I even come across bots at the auction house. I’ve completely list on excel of 108 players who I strongly believe are bot users, who do I send this list to?

Also, are GM’s actively banning bots? Can we as a community get ban reports posted on the forums to see if players being banned for botting? I would love some transparency.


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It’s a tough fight, don’t worry

We ban hundreds of bots each and every day; Most of them don’t make it past level 10. The issue is that 200 people out of the 30k unique players we have are able to run hundreds of bots using modern technology. If I estimate, I’d say that maybe 3% of the server population is bots; But we handle them quite efficiently, to the point where even the bot script developers are telling their customers not to use their products on Everlook.


Or maybe a lot of boomers lel