Is my account banned?

I have been using this account for weeks, nearly 2 months .
Today I logged into my account , but it shows :( this account has been closed and is no longer available for use )
I haven not done any gold coin transaction or account transaction, and I haven not used any BUG?
What is the reason?

My account : siwang026

I have another account: siwang046. If there is a transaction between these two accounts that is identified as RMT, I think it is a misunderstanding

I hope GM can understand the real situation and help solve the problem of the account being mistakenly closed. Thank you very much

This is a statement about a group of people who were banned this morning, all for the reason of RMT (real money trading). The speaker believes that there is little hope for the banned individuals to be unbanned.

I will try to communicate with the GM and fight for my account. I believe that most people did not engage in RMT trading. This ban came as a surprise to many of us.