Is there any way to give things back to a teammate after Dungeon?(有没有办法在副本结束后将装备还给队友?)

On January 30, 2023, between China time 1:00am -3:00 am (server time 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm ), Dungeon LBRS , I mistakenly ROLLed Skyshroud Leggings, I think this must be very important to the mage teammate who were playing together at that time, I don’t remember the name of the teammate, but I remember the names of some other teammates, is there any way to give it back to him.
looking forward to your reply! Thanks!

中国时间2023年1月30日凌晨1:00到3:00期间(服务器时间下午5:00到7:00期间),在副本黑石塔下层过程中,我错误需求了一件 “天空护腿” ,我想这件装备对当时一起打副本的法师队友一定非常重要,我不记得当时该队友的名字,但是记得一些其他队友的名字,请问有没有什么办法可以将该物品还给他。

From terms of service

So, no.


Thank you , i will try to find him and help him get it