Language barrier can be difficult

Maybe that’s a somewhat unpopular opinion, but I don’t mind the Chinese players. Actually I’m happy about having them on the server as more players = more fun.

BUT I admit it can sometimes get a bit difficult if they don’t speak English and there isn’t someone in the group who acts as a translator. And I don’t blame them - I don’t speak Chinese either. But it’s not getting easier just because there is no one to blame.

How about agreeing on some set of basic texts, and writing a simple Add-on which would automatically translate those for the clients of the other language?

To keep it simple and not unintentionally trigger the translation, those templates could have a prefix (e.g. “—”) and whenever a Chinese client receives for example a “— invite” it gets automatically converted to whatever “invite” might be in Chinese, and when an English client receives a “—” it gets shown as “—invite” (and there could be much more useful things than “invite”; things like “want to re-run?”, “yes”, “no”, “need to go afk for 5/10/15 minutes, but brb”, etc).

If this is something enough people would want, we just would need to agree on a common set of text templates and then agree on their English and Chinese representation, for such an add-on to work accordingly.

Is there enough interest in such a feature? Maybe everyone is happy with the status quo, then I just shut up.

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How long will this take to develop?

Most Chinese gamers still know a little English, or Google it

just jump and stay near this guys, when you need invite for quest. Just go away when quest is done. what would you like to talk them about besides that?

the same issue exists on live\official. the community seems to just, fix itself i would say.

me myself, i only tend to make an effort to translate if they are willing to aswell.