Lets group up! All the fancy RPG players!

Trying to find players to play whit even now, and on the end game! lets gather the group post on the topic to get yourself notified! Forum people are the ones who rule here! We together can make something great, lets end the suffering of the server and make good community together! Please people we need you! Post to thread your name, BTW Ps. its horde only - i dont mind if alliance does the same thing so post your NAME LVL and FACTION, i know theres real RPG players here to have good time together! Chinese? come learn english latina whit us, EZ AF! I would learn your langauge myself but cant see characters… Hope you post also something to solve this solution! Lets keep it straight! Peace!

you need see that link This is going to sound daft, but hear me out - #10 by tsec

install fonts after you can see chinese characters

welcome /join China or /join 中国 channel

manybe you cant typing 中国 copy that