LF Guild - Application (Warlock)

Hi everyone, this is Soulbound.
I am Soulbound from Golemagg best warlock of the server but also the world. Im still not in a guild because i never take my time to look, bcus there is a lot of noobs on the threads. Im making this application and if any guild want to have me. Send me an application, you need atleast an average 95 parses raidwide. We need to atleast clear the raid in first lockout. If you cannot own, dont even try, i mean forget it. Ppl get jealous because they know im better, they know i got skill. So they start to whine and say get a life or whatever while i kill them in game. I KILL THEM IN GAME and they tell me to get a life, i mean they should get a life in game. Fx that RonaldoR9 guy, i mean an orc warrior, how more easy mode can you go. Just face the fact im better, there is nothing wrong about, you should look in the mirror, be honest, ppl are always whining. Im the best player, i mean check my profile. Ppl come on the forum and trash talk me with their alt, cus they dont even have the balls to talk with their main, cus they know ill check their profile and just see they have like 35 avg parse and 200 hks peon title. I dont give a shit what you say, it dont mean anything for me, just go do something in real life, idgaf. And they say its all about making fun… i mean if i kill you in game and own you, who is having fun, me or you? I mean i would also cry if i would be a loser like that, i mean i wouldnt even play if i knew i was playing. RESPECT FOR THE SUPERIOR PPL, respect for the superior skill like me. If you get on that level, SHH SHH, then you can come to me and tell me how to play. Ppl go down like in the titanic. GO down just like TITANIC. Youre pro or youre a noob, thats life.

  • LF Hardcore Raiding Guild with world pvp presence, full world boss domination. I wanna see human males backpeddal when they see my guild name.

I bet you’re insufferable in gchat or Barrens chat.

what a nice guy

lmao what an application

…Athene, best warlock in the world?

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