Link to the Everlook bug tracker, please?


Can someone link the bugtracker, please? Couldn’t find it on google. I dont know why it is still not on the website yet and I can’t access discord, seems like I need a VPN for it. What is taking them so long to link the bug tracker and forums on the homepage??


just found the link hidden in the Q&A section


It’s also in announcements above the realmlist :smiley:

Where is that?

Here: Discord

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Like I said
I need VPN to access discord

I found the link on the Q&A page on the website

The link to the bug tracker needs to be visible on the homepage near the reddit and discord links

the discord page doesn’t open

Just go into the everlook discord and click on announcements.
It’s the post from Radiixx 8th of october.

did you get banned?

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no, i think its an issue with the internter i use, its mobile 4G by vodafone and share it with my PC via hotspot.

I cant access reddit too without VPN

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