Links for People who want to cover Everlook (making Videos):

Here are some things i use to make videos:

OBS Studios for recording, can also be used for Streaming:
Here is a Tutorial on how to set it up: 🔴 How to use OBS for Screen Recording or Streaming - Beginner Tutorial - YouTube

Gimp for making your channel logo/banner thingies and i also use it for Thumbnails:
Here is a Guide on how to do it: 🎨 How to use GIMP - Beginner Tutorial - YouTube

Davinci Resolve for video editing: DaVinci Resolve 18 | Blackmagic Design
Here is a tutorial on how to use it: DaVinci Resolve 18 - Full Tutorial for Beginners - YouTube

If you want to multi stream to different Platforms at the same time:

WoW Vanilla Model Viewer (you can make greenscreen footage and so on with that):
You will need to open the config file and put in the path to your vanilla wow client folder manually, or else you will get an error!)

Noggaholic (for “flying” around, it’s not a hack. It’s like reading out what you already rendered. You won’t actually move and you will have a render distance):
GitHub - noggaholic/bugcraft-studio: An open source Machinima tool for WoW machinima makers.

Here are some examples i made with these tools:

All the programs are free btw! :heart:


Thanks Vincent, this is good info.


No problem, hope it helps! :smiley:



I use OBS studios to stream my gameplay on YouTube. I plan to stream the stress test and launch day in particular but i will stream as long as im online.

I want a way to stream to both YouTube and Facebook at the same time to grab the attention of Facebook users as well.


Sounds good, always a good method to Dual-stream! :smiley:
Can you drop your YouTube link?

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(2) Vanilla Player - YouTube

Is there a way to dual stream to youtube and facebook?


Yes there is:
For example! :smiley:


very kind of you @VincentADK :handshake: