Localization must be allowed (please)

Why not add support for third-party localization?
For example, I recently tried to install my usual localization package and the server refused to let me in (unable to validate). Whats the problem? This is not cheating or something not fair. I understand that the logic is that with localization support there will be too many non-English speaking players. But on the other hand, who and when did it stop? Read the comments about your own server on third-party resources: everyone writes about chinese flood. Like you already have a server that is not very English-speaking, so how can it get worse? I can and will communicate in English, because it is a universally recognized international language and the official language of the server, but I want to consume content in my beautiful native language, I don’t want it to be English! Between chat and content there is big difference for players. Please take it into consideration. Thank you. Best wishes. Happy New Year. :cowboy_hat_face: