Looking forward to AV

That’s all. Just love the puss out of it.

AV is good, and better even when long and painful.


Drek or Kek, if people aren’t rushing by each other mid to end in 15 mins it will be hell. Hopefully we have discord to help coordinate that.

I’m on to your gimmick.

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Rep and Honor is the name of the game.

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i remember the 13 hr pre nerf AV games from the days of Nostalrius. Best fun!

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Same man, it’s gonna be awesome!


i’m looking forward to AV but i disagree with you. I love joining a Av game thats lasted an eternity. Or fighting in one for an etenity too.

Long live long AVs!


Long AVs are where its at. I remember when i was in highschool i could join an AV before class, and rejoin that very same AV when school was over. Weve had some painfully long AVs and i loved 99% of them. Maybe im just a bit of a masochist? :blush:


The funny thing is that many of those who moan about AVs being too long are more than happy to play race AVs where little to no PVP actually occurs, and they end up playing the same total length of time in AV as they would have had it been a long match. Only difference is back to back to back speed games with no true PVP.

Ease up on the diminishing returns, get rid of welfare marks of honor for losses, and the memorable AV matches would return.

Is it gonna be the real pre-nerf? With Winterax trolls, elites in bunkers, and not nerfed dmg/hp of all the NPC’s?

Dunno. IIRC it would be cool if so.

Wall confirmed in discord that it would be akin to Korrak’s Revenge, with Korrak (of course), shredders, minefields, the return of the NPCs, etc.

when to expect Alterac