Mage gold farming nerf?

Is there going to be anything done to address mage gold farms like Mara/ZG? Trying to figure out if I need to roll a mage first to fund my warrior.

You will need a mage to fund a warrior, im sorry.
The experience, compared to classic, is much lower - but the drops sort of stay the same. Certainly there are differences in pathfinding and tactics on how to approach certain farms, but mages excel in making gold. It is what it is unfortunately.

Just level warrior and do a bunch of dungeons at 60, you will make more than enough to fund self in way less time.

Just pick some good cash profession, alchemist is really good for that, engineering useful but way less parts to sell but when u do it brings wealth, leatherworking is good but u should then spent days farming devilsaurs whitout any epic pattern, enchanting just for meme, but like we dont need them? Right? :smiley: but alchemist is good im sure, but mage you can do alot im sure, like some aoe farm spots for cloths, then u could pick tailoring, but you could make more money just selling the cloths not crafting it, tailoring dont have like any sellable stuff unless you farm robes of winternight…

Just fish , everyone hates fishing but it sells really well , grabbing those stonescale eels at ferelas , cloth drops etc etc

fishing is good but whit alchemy it provides even more

if you PVE go tailoring! if pvp engineering/mining, whit tailoring you could pick any gather profession but enchanting is more providing from tailoring, that yummy bloodvine set is consired to be T2 loot, and worth of ZG enchants… they go far even in naxxramas. if you want gold pick alchemist/herbalism… as told whit tailoring u can pick any! even skinning can do the job, and those are worth lots of gold! u could kill even devilsaurs to get their leathers and sell in AH… thats worth lots of gold, if u ever got one killed, when theres devilsaur mafia around…

All great suggestions, I just worry about the inflation we saw in classic vanilla were 1 sharpening stone was 25g. Thats a rough life for a warrior.