Manipulating game files to remove sounds, change loading screen


Is there a way ro remove the annoying succubis pet sounds? If so how can i do it?

Also, is it possible to change the loading screen?

Will these file modifications cause my account to be banned?


You do not want to replace or edit any MPQ files as anti-cheat could trigger the system. Replacing sounds does not touch any of the MPQ archives its basically path modding where the game will load that directory if it exists and this only works for sounds

The problem is with the server not the game, there is a delay in combat that shouldn’t even be there as its not how it was intended with original blizz servers. Not sure why the staff have implemented this. The long delay causes the succubus or pet to keep aggro sounds until left combat.

On wowhead you can look up sound and play them, there is also addons that allow you to browse the in-game sounds along with a path. Once you figure out the path for the sounds just replace the sound with the path format with whatever new sound file you want.

This link is a video showing off replacing the Classic-Wow sounds with Retail sounds for spells

Thanks for the reply. What addon can I use to remove/replace the succubus sound? the annoying sound I’m referring to is the succubus whipping herself.

also, is there a way to replace loading screens too?

Just read this. Does this mean I will get banned just for removing a sound or replacing a loading screen that I find annoying and don’t like???

These are just UI issues…