Mobs/NPC'c not loading in

Iv’e been playing for a few days, and now all the sudden i got killed from nothing. When a friend logged in with me we realized that the mobs were invicible on my screen and not hers.

When i relog, all mobs and npc’s appear for that area only. If i run to the next pack of mobs they only appear on her screen and i get hit by invicible mobs.

We are running the same game version and identical addons.

Edit: It’s in Darkshore. Edit 3: It’s everywhere, Stormwind, Westfall etc etc.

Edit 2: The same now occurs on her game now, im feeling it might be server lag. But i don’t really know, since theres ALOT of people on atm.

Any suggestions?

Love Phil

Sounds like horrific lag.
Where are you? The moon?

I had the same thing happen to me in Kharanos yesterday. It was during the infamous chinese primetime though, so I suspect it’s lag-related. Restarting the game fixed it completely for me.

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