Most requested class

What do you think will be the most requested class for pve taking into account most and least popular classes in game?

I guess mainly shaman for Horde and warlock for Alliance

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the answer is warriors, you can never have too many warriors (but yeah shamans on horde is also a good pick because those warriors will need windfury)


The way vanilla is designed + all the knowledge we have cuz of guides, YT, etc. Warriors and mages.


OFC people are gonna say warrior, but the result is that you are fighting 15+ other warriors and rogues for gear. If you aren’t already in a guild’s “inner circle” at this point, you most likely won’t get the gear you want to be satisfied as a melee class. IMO priest is the best bet. They are easy to gear without the crazy competition for melee pieces, and also one of the least gear-dependent classes(8/8 t2 can last you all the way to KT). Warriors are dime-a-dozen and easily replaced, but replacing a good healer is far harder.


Depends on what kind of PvE you’re doing. In order of general demand:


  1. Warrior/Druid Tanks
  2. Healers of any class
  3. Then Mages


  1. Shamans (Horde raids are absolute whores for Shamans)
  2. Ranged DPS (Mages and Warlocks are almost always in demand here, Hunters and Oomkins less so)
  3. Healers (Dwarf Priests, Paladin/Shamans are often in particular demand)
  4. Skilled Tanks or Fury/Ferals that are equipped to off-tank as needed
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Wouldnt it be like always healers ? Would be funny to see a complete shift for a change tho. Could imagine that since the community is different from classic or og vanilla.

Usually tanks and healers are pretty important when leveling only cause anyone can dps when leveling. at end game, warriors are the most wanted as highest dps most of the time. horde usually want as high as 6 shaman. maybe more depending on comp. alliance needs 4 paladin for blessings (4 or 5?). the rest can be pretty mixed and matched for dps. they want less hunters later after bwl because their dps becomes poo. at least 4 warlocks for curses at all times.

but to answer the question, warriors can always be needed and a shaman can almost always be needed.

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Healers for dungeon runs
Shamans and Priests

I’d actually say Healers are in a distant 2nd place to Tanks for Dungeon runs. The chats are always littered with: “LF1M Tank to (insert dungeon) then g2g”

So in my opinion, Tanks are always in extremely short supply. Druid or Warrior are the only viable tanks btw, Paladin a distant 3rd, and don’t even try Shaman tanking…

Edit: Oh and least requested is definitely Hunters. They’re awesome in PvP, but PvE they’re pretty worthless.

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I’m surprised shaman tanking is received so poorly still. If we’re talking about leveling, that is.

I was casually playing a shaman tank on Darrowshire, leaving the server at around level 45. By the end it was already low pop so I didn’t do dungeons, with my last tanked one being Catherdral at level 40. Here, I did wait to wear mail armor.

I’ll safely say that you can quite nicely tank everything as a shaman up until Scarlet Monastery, Cathedral included. It’s this I can comment on, as I did not do anything after. Perhaps later it becomes more and more of a struggle, perhaps not.

If you have are a little higher level for a dungeon of course it helps, but it’s not a necessity by any means. At level 38 we three-manned Armory with a same-level rogue and a priest, (Herod drops level 37 and 38 loot), and at level 40 cut the priest and 2-manned together with the rogue. The toughest of all that I remember was Waling Caverns all the way back at level 20 due to the high nature resistance of many creatures in the dungeon screwing up your Earth Shocks.

It’s not rocket science and it doesn’t require your healer to be a scientist either. Some people in your group will be curious, and some will be in great disbelief. Nothing better than to prove the latter wrong, earn their respect or change their mindset.

Well, let’s just say I’ve never experienced having a successful group with a Shaman tank. It might be that they were always very underprepared; didn’t have the right gear, didn’t have the right spec, didn’t quite know what to do etc. I suppose if you’re a very dedicated Shaman tank, and preferably have a dedicated Healer with you on Skype or somewhere where you can communicate effieciently, it’s probably no big deal.

But the few Shaman tanks I’ve partied up with were terrible. Could barely hold aggro, were oom incredibly quickly, and placed totems in such a way that they did more harm (ass-pull) than good.

Maybe I’ll meet a Shaman on Everlook one day who will change my mind :wink:
But I’m dungeon spamming as a Healer with my Druid tank buddy! See y’all there!

Good hunters are amazing AF in dungeon groups. Freeze trap is a super flexible and effective cc when used by a skilled hunter. The problem is the class tends to attract more mouth breathers than any other. :drooling_face:

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Good players are always valuable, I agree. But the DR on Freezing Trap, especially when you’re not specced Survival, leave some things to be desired if you ask me. Hunter is my second-favorite class, but I cannot think of a less desirable class in PvE than Hunter, as OP asked about.

Overall I would agree that Hunters are not the most in-demand class in a PvE environment - however, the difference to raid tempo and smoothness when you have an on-the-ball Hunter vs clueless is huge imo. You could say the same for a Warrior tank and others, but there are quite a few fights and situations where they really shine. Plus doing a lot of leg work for DM runs prior to raids and prep etc.

I’d rather a solid Hunter than an average Mage any day. But I am a little biased :).

In answer to the OP, Dwarf Holy Priest for Alliance, Troll Resto Shaman for Horde.

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As always. Fury warriors and mages… Our guild leader is planning to have 16 fury warriors in raid.

Good luck with anyone having a single upgrade in months!

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