Mouseover healing?

Tried the legacy Clique download (yes, it is embedded in a Lazy Cast folder and must be removed before pasting in Addons folder) and it fails to work. Then tried Clique from wow Classic addons - just in case. Fails. Also disabled all addons except Clique in case of interference, still nothing.

I am not wedded to Clique, but I found no mouseover macros that work, or similar addon to accomplish that end. Anyone find something that works?

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Pfui, ClassicMouseover and Luna addons all have functional mouseover macros that work with their perspective unit frames ie: /pfcast healing wave, ect.

If you search “mouseover” in the discord you will find a lot of chatter on the topic. Good luck.

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As it happens, I use pfUI, so that information was quite useful. Prob solved – thank you!