Muted for speaking in world chat now? Wow how low everlook gms are going

# B. Mute or temporary account interruption

This sanction can last anywhere from 3 hours to 30 days, depending on severity, and is given for repeated violation of the rules, or for any of the following:

  • Scamming;
  • Lying to, or attempting to deceive Everlook staff;
  • Abuse of in-game bugs;
  • Organized killing for farming rank and/or honor;
  • Same faction griefing on world bosses;
  • Tagging a world boss and having the other faction kill it for you.
  • Trading or awarding loot in exchange of in-game currency



cry more lmao

No comments.

I saw a lot of edgy/offensive messages from you early in world chat. You want me to check all your messages and bring the best ones?


getting nice and personal I see bully nice name tho makes sense.

Are you the same guy that was monopolizing Adumbro’s time with this garbage yesterday?

You’ve established quite the attention seeking career.

Rasgrul #1 what a legend.