My account doesn't connect to the game

Hello, does anyone know why it stays on the connecting screen and I don’t get into the game, thanks

I have to ask some basic questions first:

  1. Can you connect to the realm (as in; have you edited your
  2. If you can connect to your realm are you stuck on the actual loading screen - and have you deleted WDB-folder AND WTF-folders to try and fix it?

I have changed and deleted it and nothing, it stays connecting and suddenly it tells me that you have been disconnected from the server, but it does not get to enter I have not even created a characte

I can’t play when I put the account directly it sends me a disconnected

make sure realmlist file is correclty spell, i get this and it was because the file of the realmlist was named “realmlist(1)”

If I have it right, the question is that when I enter the account it automatically tells me that I have been disconnected

Already managed to fix the problem, thanks for the help and see you in the game

and how did you fix it? have the same problem

can maybe someone else help me with this problem?