My four accounts have been disabled. Please check with GM management

GM Administrator:
Hello, I have four accounts. The character names of the accounts are dragonflying(shaman), tiger flying(rogue), bismark(hunter), and fireflying(warlock). On March 31, 2023, I found that all four accounts were blocked. I thought carefully about whether there were any violations in some of the things I did, and found that I had not done any violations. I only traded some mongoose and giant potions from my own shaman dragonflying to the rogue tigerflying and the hunter bismark. Besides, I may have traded dozens of gold to the rogue tigerflying. “I didn’t expect trading my own account number to be illegal, because I thought it was all my own account, so trading a little bit shouldn’t matter, but I suspect these are the reasons why my account was blocked.”. I hope to make an explanation here, so that the GM administrator can understand that these transactions are all under my own account, and there are no offline transactions. Please check with the GM administrator. If it is indeed a mistake, I hope the GM administrator can unban my accounts. Thank you very much!