My Hunter pet attack keypad and control keypad are missing

I’m Sorry I need to use the way of translation and your dialogue.I was adjusting my hunter pet skill position.Something unpleasant happ

ened while I was adjusting my hunter pet skills.After I adjust the skill position.There was a pvp incident that caused my death.I made my character reborn after the game.But the hunter’s pet’s attack and control keys were lost.And I can’t find the right key in the skill book or the pet skill book.In-game public channel dialogue and China from the media forum found many people encounter this problem.But it has not been resolved.I have now replaced my hunter pet.But I need a solution to this kind of problem that I may encounter in the future. Also let me help more players who love World of Warcraft in Chinese area.As a post-00s I was influenced by my father to play this game.Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play on this platform.I want to say sorry for the trouble I caused you because I need to finish the conversation throughaninterpreter.Salutations to You at work.
My Game ID is zhurishenshe.In Chinese, it is a fairy tale about a man who uses a bow and arrow.Thank you very much for your help.