Need support from windows expert (registry issue)


Windows 10 user
Will restoring an old registry backup delete my current files/apps?
I feel that the registry is messed up and windows update doesn’t work + other issues so I thought a registry backup might fix the issues but I want to do it without having to reset my PC and not reinstall my games all over again.

I found an old backup of the registry on one of my USB sticks

not sure if its a backup of a clean registry after a PC reset but will this work and restore my old registry and how is it done? WIll I lose current programs installed on my PC?


I would not recommend updating the entire registry with and old update. Especially if it like 2 years old. This will not only mess up your system settings, but also all programs you have installed or adjusted during this time. I am quite sure that this would destroy more than fix things.

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