<Of The Sun> Ally Guild - Everyone Welcome

“Of the Sun” is Alliance PvE/PvP

We also have experience from various private servers aswell as old vanilla/classic.

Raid Schedule: TBD by vote

The goal of the guild is to make smooth short raids aswell as having fun in guildchat//discord.
All members are expected to be respectful of others and their time.
Don’t worry if you’re new or inexperienced there’s lots of help and there will be class leaders that will be happy to help and answer any of your questions.
If you are going to be a serious raider and go to aq40 and naxx then addons are required and even for the easier raids they are expected.

Loot System: LC with the 1.2.3 system that has been used with success on various servers.
There is also an open spreadsheet for everyone to see.
Attendance will be a strong factor for getting loot.

Loot system explained:
Most armour/tier set pieces are worth 1 point. Most weapons are worth 2 points.
Special trinkets and Jewellery like DFT//Band of Accuria//Choker of the firelord amongst others are worth 3 points.
Let’s assume we have 2 warlocks:
Warlock 1 received 2 pieces of armour which is 2 points.
Warlock 2 received “Neltharion’s Tear” which is 3 points.
The next piece of loot automatically goes to Warlock 1, since he has the least points and therefore have gotten less value of loot.
I want to say once more: This is LC, the point system is only there to keep corruption away from LC.

Join us for a great time!

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